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Eat, sleep, recruit, repeat?

When I talk to people outside of the social care system, they are amazed when I tell them that the social care workforce accounts for 5% of the country’s entire workforce, twice the size of the agricultural sector. Thankfully, whilst we may not yet have a Social Care Today to replace Farming Today on Radio […]

Putting people first

I shifted my career to the charity sector after I saw just how immediate and powerful the impact could be on individuals’ lives at times of crisis from a timely intervention by a well-run and thoughtful organisation. This is particularly the case in the social care sector in which I have witnessed amazing people providing […]

Leaving care well

This week is national care leavers week in the UK, where we celebrate the achievements and good stories of care leavers. Unfortunately, with every great care leaver success story, there are multiple other tragic cases of care leavers ending up in dire circumstances, whether it be homelessness, unemployment or untimely deaths. We, as a society, […]

Social care reform is

At the time of writing, the very public debate about the scale and means of social care funding is reaching a fever pitch. Whatever and whenever the outcome of this political wrangling, there is one cast-iron certainty: additional funding will be subject to major reforms to the way in which social care is organised and […]

“Leave me yet never say goodbye”

Social care does not operate in a vacuum but is a vital component of our wider society to which we must always have regard. Entering care can be overwhelming and frightening and it is up to care workers and the care sector as a whole to make sure that the integration process for these individuals […]