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Jaw-dropping selflessness and dedication

I have written before about my personal experience of the social care sector in connection with my mother’s dementia and the incredible care that she has been given by care staff.  After three years as CEO of the CareTech Foundation and also as a trustee of the brilliant Field Lane Foundation charity, I have been lucky enough to learn so much […]

1.6 million heroes! COVID-19 and the care sector

In every village, town and city, 1.6 million amazing individuals are looking after the most vulnerable members of our community. The importance of this statement has never been more significant than it is today, as the country faces the greatest public health crisis in our lifetimes as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are, […]

We must support the Beating Heart of Care

The social care sector is all about its people. They are the beating heart of our industry; fantastic and dedicated professionals who care for the most vulnerable in society. As leaders in the care sector, we have a duty to ensure that each and every one of these people feels valued and supported in their […]

Righting the balance

Muslims make up 7 per cent of the UK population and 15 per cent of 16-24-year-olds, but only 0.5 per cent of students at Oxford. The COSARAF Foundation joins with St Anne’s to start the process of change Back in 1986, an ambitious over-confident young student from a comprehensive school decided that he would apply […]

Where’s My Mum Gone?

Monday marked the beginning of Dementia Awareness Week. CareTech Foundation CEO, Jonathan Freeman, kindly shared his thoughts on this issue close to the Foundation’s heart – but also uncomfortably, painfully close to his own heart…. My father died twelve years ago after myriad physical illnesses and conditions, concluding with vascular dementia triggered by a stroke towards the […]