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My New Year’s Sustainability Resolutions!

It seems a long time ago already, but 2023 ended with a momentous shift in the global debate on tackling man-made climate change at COP28.  Many, very understandably, felt that our political leaders assembled in Dubai were sloping their shoulders on tackling the climate emergency.  But, COP28 was historic as it was the very first […]

Sustainability? You’re already doing it!

Mention the need to prioritise sustainability to most senior leaders and all too often there are one of two immediate reactions.  Either it’s ‘don’t you know we have a business to run here’ or it’s ‘I’d love to but it’s all too expensive and difficult’. And to some extent, those passionate about sustainability are responsible […]

Cut it out!

As individuals, many of us who worry about the damage being done to our planet have made a series if changes to our personal routines in order to reduce our own personal contribution to climate change.  And, recognising that reducing all of our impacts is really tough, many of us also take steps to offset […]

United we stand. Divided we fall.

From Aesop’s ancient Greek fables, Christianity’s earliest days, the US civil war, the fight for independence for India, to World War Two, leaders across history have understood that it is only through strong alliances and collective action that real success can be achieved.  However powerful the cause may be, time and again history has shown […]

Sustainability is a team game!

From numerous discussions over the last few months, it is evident that interest in sustainability in the social care sector is growing.  Support for the new Social Care Sustainability Alliance that I chair, engagement in Autumna’s Go Green initiative, and the growing number of conference discussions, podcasts, and media articles on sustainability all point to […]

Sustainability: You can run but you can’t hide!

“We understand any negative impact of our activities on the environment and we strive to make a positive contribution in reducing it and support people to do the same.” Well, do you? The above statement is not a pious hope nor a bland statement of intent.  It is what each and every social care provider […]

It ain’t what you do (it’s the way that you do it)…

There have been numerous examples in the sector media recently about bullying, inappropriate behaviour and worrying workplace behaviours within the charitable sector.  Sadly, although there does appear to have been quite a rash of such stories recently, this is not a new phenomenon.  It would appear that the charity sector has got an issue with […]

Sustainability – a question of perspective….

The excellent recent Sector Pulse Check report from Hft and Care England paints a deeply-concerning picture of the precarious state of the social care sector.  Whilst the public were spun a political narrative that the Government had ‘fixed social care’, this research report lays bare the reality of just how fragile our social care sector […]

Social care sustainability has to be social

The rather ‘flavour of the month’ term ESG and sustainability are not synonymous terms but are, perhaps, better understood as looking at the same issues from different perspectives. An ESG – Environment, Social and Governance – approach is a set of standards measuring a business’s impact on society, the environment, and its transparency and accountability.  […]

Caring is sharing…

The social care sector delivers significant social value to society in supporting those in need of care or support to live healthy and fulfilling lives.  The sector, and all of us involved in it, are directly helping to address a number of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.  So, isn’t that enough?  Do we need to […]